Multiuser Bibliography Information Views

The Multiuser Bibliography application has a variety of content-presentation and data-entry views. Here I present a set of information displays that lay out those views, showing the intended content and likely general arrangement of data and entry fields.

Browse View

Displays a subset of the bibliography entries from the database in compact form. Each entry is a link to its detailed view.

Known data:

Detail View

Displays detailed information about a single entry, in tabular form. Includes edit and comment links.

Known data:

Color Systems in Art and Science (Book)
Principal author Stromer, Klaus, ed
Additional authors x
Title Color Systems in Art and Science
Found in
Other information about the work Trans Randy Cassada
Publisher Edition Color Klaus Stromer
Year of publication 1999
Publication date
Other publication information

Quick-Search and Sign-On View

The global navigation bar contains two small forms for quick-search and user sign-on.

Search View

An "advanced search" form for searching by specific fields.

To be designed

Add / Edit View

A form for adding a new entry or editing an existing one. For editing, the fields are initially populated with the existing data.

This needs to be laid out better, so that the explanatory and example text is still clearly associated with each field, but the fields themselves are more attractively rendered and comfortable to use.

Known data:

Enter the applicable information. An entry must have at least an author or a title, so it can be displayed in the correct place in alphabetical order in the bibliography.

Principal author:
Enter as the author should appear in a bibliography. For people, this should be surname first: “Rorty, Richard” or “Miyazaki Hayao”.

Additional authors:
Enter as the name would normally be written: “Richard Rorty” or “Miyazaki Hayao”.

The title of the work itself: “Color Systems in Art and Science” or “Truth but No Consequences: Why Philosophy Doesn't Matter”.

Found in:
If this is an article from a journal, titled chapter from a collection, etc, enter the name of the volume in which it appears: “Critical Inquiry” or “Visual Rhetoric in a Digital World”.

The name of the editor, if any, unless the editor's name was used for the primary author.

A volume number or name.

Other information about the work:
Any or all of things like: “Trans Randy Cassada”, “2nd ed”, a series name, etc, but not publication information (which comes next).


Year of publication:
Just the year. This is also used to generate citations in the author-year form, eg “[Fish2003]”.

Publication date:
The full publication date, for works which need to list this information: articles in individually-paged periodicals, web pages, etc.

Pages, for works (eg articles) that require them.

Other publication information:
Any other publication information you wish to include.

Type of work: Book Article Web Page Other

Comment View

An area in the entry detail view, shown if the user is signed on, where they can add a comment.