Multiuser Bibliography Advanced Web Authoring Module 2

In addition to the official user experience packet delivered for module 2, I generated various documents related to the project during the design phase. Some of these are preliminary versions of documents in the UX deliverable; others represent aspects of the design process that aren't captured by the UX packet. They're linked to from this page for historical reference, and because they sometimes serve to document the rationale for later design decisions.

Most of these documents are self-explanatory, but a couple benefit from a few words of introduction.

The Functional & Content Requirements List was the predecessor of the current Functional Requirements document, but the latter had somewhat different requirements, so some of the information in the former was not captured by it.

The Peer Review and Peer Review Response documents are actually email messages exported as HTML from Thunderbird, so they do not use the site's look and feel (and may not conform to standards). The former contains the comments from Kristen and Joy on my UX packet draft that I submitted for peer review; the latter is my response, noting where I agree with their comments and justifying my disagreements. I've kept these unedited (except for obscuring Kristen's email address) because they document an important moment in the development process.