I like difficulty. I enjoy complexity, ambiguity, inconsistency. And limitations---I'm really very fond of limitations. Limitations make us human; they make life worth living. So we can't ever precisely determine both values of any two non-commuting variables in a physical system? Buy a round for Dr Heisenberg. We can't algorithmically determine whether any computer program will halt? A hearty handshake for Mr Turing. All our formal systems are incomplete or inconsistent? Good for you, Professor Gödel. I'm fine with partial solutions.

So what I'm searching for here is the usefully difficult. Difficult ideas about elusive subjects, which is one way to define ``theory''. The difficulty of taking those ideas on and letting them go. The interruptions here are breaks in the chain of signification, traces of lost connections, cut into the text to help you feel that difficulty. To evoke, yes, the sense of theory; but also to increase the potential across the gap between writer and reader. A challenge and an opportunity to leap, turn, describe a trajectory, make meaning.