Rhetoric & Writing Portfolio Michael Wojcik 2011

My academic work in 2011 was largely confined to the spring semester, in which I took my final two courses (AL841 and CSE842) and gave my single conference presentation of the year (at CCCC). Over the remainder of the year — occupied by house-painting and actual paid work — I did some work on my thesis, and on a review of From A to <A> for Enculturation.

For AL841, Professional Writing Theory, I produced a final paper, an annotated bibliography, and a number of smaller pieces over the course of the semester. Most of my output for CSE842, Natural Language Processing, was in the form of exercise answers and software; this is not currently on the site, but I can make it available if anyone's interested. There was a final paper and a presentation, which I've included in the portfolio.

The final projects for the two courses were related: they are both reports of my investigation into applying machine sentiment analysis techniques to student reviews of student writing, taken from the Eli data. The main difference between the two is audience, with the AL841 paper being written for writing scholars, and the CSE842 paper for computer scientists.

I also have two publications in progress. One is a chapter (“Iterations as Drafts”) written with Matt Penniman for the collection Designing Web-Based Applications for 21st Century Writing Classrooms, edited by George Pullman and Baotong Gu. That volume should be appearing this year. The other is the aforementioned review for Enculturation. I'm still finishing that, but it should be done soon.

My major activity for this year will be the thesis, of course.

Reflecting on the Year's Progress

2010 as a whole was not my most productive year as an academic, particularly in terms of thesis work, which is well behind schedule. On the other hand, it did see a productive semester in which I finished my coursework.