Rhetoric & Writing Portfolio Michael Wojcik Rhetor Presentations

One assignment for AL805 (History of Rhetoric) was a short presentation on two rhetors. They could be of any era, and did not need to be either traditionally considered rhetors or self-identified as such, as long as we were prepared to argue for their importance to rhetorical thought. This also served as preparation for a subsequent in-class exercise, the Rhetoric Roundtable, where we adopted the personae of our chosen rhetors and debated various questions such as the ethical dimension of rhetoric and the nature of meaning. (It's a pity that very successful event could not have been preserved.)

The rhetor presentations were limited to five minutes each — a form that obviously required a very efficient distillation of the material.

I chose to present:


Isocrates, whom I read as in some ways similar to the American Pragmatists (though obviously in a very different cultural moment)


Jacques Lacan, who is not often considered a rhetorician but of course was deeply interested in language

The linked documents are my Powerpoint presentations on these two rhetors, as PDF documents. Each slide is accompanied by my speaking notes, which I hope convey some sense of my actual oral presentation.