Multimodal Composing from the Bottom Up

Multimodal Composing from the Bottom UpRevising historyhistory of revisingcomposing affects formcommunity affects forminductive reasoning"inductive rhetorical heuristics""ethics of 'now what?'"Stuart Hall: "becoming through the writi ...where is my mind?writing is also unbecomingauthor's subjectivity fractured against mediacommunity provides content"not MY media"multimodal becomes multiauthoredwhat's new in new media?processes of composition and receptionnot the technology itselfDebatable agencies"citizen participation"exercise in (expanded) representationargument in new medianot enough theory about 

 operation in  ...clash of rhetorical practices?Katrina question: journalistic / Aristot ...not the whole storymore about determining candidate ethos 
 ...guidelines insufficienthow can we help rhetors ask questions?what's the value?productivitylife competenceCNN / YouTube: revolution or reinscripti ...(Re)hearingwhat shapes a rave?ethnography and invisible elementscomposer requires audienceaurality and compositionbeyond semioticssever the sign"shock the symbolic efficiency"non-material art has 

 material consequ connection of soundŽižek: unrepresentableintervention of the 

 unrepresentable r work of composingwhat is composing? 

 what is new?it's not the technologynew workDobrin: theory of composingRoethke: "we think by feeling"social field overwhelmsunrepresentable overwhelmsChaitin: incompressible truth 

 (you ca ...becomes...break in the existing 

 symbolic order
Multimodal Composing from the Bottom Up