Professional Writing Theory Class Materials Michael Wojcik

These are materials I created for AL 841, Theory & Research in Professional Writing, taught by Bill Hart-Davidson at Michigan State University in Spring 2011.

Reading Responses

My response to the Unit 1 readings focuses primarily on some theoretical differences I have with the authors, particularly Katz.

For Unit 2, I decided to honor the networks of this unit's theories with a meditation on theories of network in the form of a network.

Unit 3's response uses the time-honored genre of the Choose Your Own Adventure Interpretation narrative. Alas, I spent so much time on infrastructure (and remixing that awesome cover illustration) that there isn't much content. Still a work in progress.

As we wrap up Unit 4, I offer a more conventional (and, alas, less entertaining) conventional response paper, “The Wealth of Rhetorics.

Teach the Tech

For the annotated bibliography assignment, I studied pieces relevant to the question of whether professional writers should be taught to create web documents using high-level tools, or whether they need to be directly familiar with core web technologies such as HTML and CSS. My bibliography is "Teach the Tech or Teach the Tools?.

Sentiment in ELI

My final paper, "Estimating Sentiment in Eli: Computational Analysis of Tone in Student Responses to Student Writing", describes a project in computational rhetoric: performing sentiment analysis on student reviews of their peers' writing, using three algorithms, and comparing those results with other information known about the reviews. This work was done in conjunction with my project for CSE 842.